The New Love of My Life

My husband better get used to being second fiddle, as my newly assembled Cappelletto "Aquarius" double masted easel is sure to become my new love. It is hands down the coolest easel I have ever owned. After languishing in a box for months on my studio floor we finally put it together last night--without the aid of instructions as none came in the box (big pat on our backs). It can hold 2 canvases at a time up to 69 inches in height or one really long canvas. And I am extremely impressed with the craftsmanship of this light weight,  Italian made easel. It easily glides into any position and is not difficult to adjust. In addition you can change the position of one of the masts to accommodate two artists painting on each side which would be perfect for students. {A note to my students--don't get any funny ideas. I don't plan on sharing it.}

Interested in getting one of your own? Here is a link to the Capelleto site to view their product selection and link to Jerry Artarama where I bought mine for 61% off!