'Tis the Season for "Plein Air"

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9JsYEZJBWE] My allergies are at an all time high which can only mean one thing, it must be "plein air" season! Plein air is a fancy French term referring to landscape painting on location. Apparently the tradition goes all the way back to the French academies and the atelier system. It was common back then for artists to spend the Fall and Winter in the studio producing finished work, and to spend the Spring and Summers plein air painting.

I have been dreaming all week of plein air painting myself but my traitorous allergies prevent me from doing so. {Insert colorful French curse words here} Instead, I will study up on my technique by watching this You Tube video by artist Sara Linda Poly who happens to also be a phenomenal instructor and teaches locally here at The Art League (I can tell you that from personal experience).

Enjoy this video and then get out there and enjoy Spring in all her glory. Jouir du beau temps!