artist statement

23 January 2019

I believe that great art is both indicative and transcendent of its time. The era in which an artist lives helps to shape his or her mind and is expressed on the canvas regardless of style or technique. I strive to make art that feeds the soul with images depicting beauty, connection, memory, creativity and wonder. This is my stand in the world that shapes us now. Like you, I too have grown weary of the coarseness and disharmony amplified in our politics and in our social media. I am choosing to dwell in the light, both in the literal sense as in what is the dominant subject of my paintings, and in how I organize my thoughts. I am bored of shock value in art. After all, are we not already surrounded by shocking images and news stories at all hours of the day? Art that moves only the human intellect and not also the human soul is really missing a great opportunity. It is time for a new inspired beginning and I will do my part with the tools at my disposal and my sphere of influence, one canvas at a time.