This Studio Tip is Being Brought to You Today by the Letter "F"

20130718-220811.jpg As in the letter "F" for filching, because I can't take credit for this wonderful studio tip. The bragging rights to this goes to my talented artist friend Gavin Gardner (wuz up, Gavin?). Gavin announced on Facebook a while back that he started using these little condiment containers you find at fast food restaurants to store his paint mixes in. And I thought upon reading that, "Brilliant!". So I stored that little nugget in the back of my head like a squirrel hiding nuts for Winter. And recently when I was having lunch with my son at Moe's and getting his requested servings of salsa, my eyes froze upon the image of a tower of condiment containers and the proverbial light bulb went off in my head. I grabbed a bunch of them while chuckling delightedly under my breath in a sinister evil villain laugh and brought them home with us. I did not get around to using one until tonight but man was it worth the wait--in a kind of life changing way. I am pretty sure this will become a permanent part of my studio repertoire.

Thanks Gavin!