Technique Tuesday: Walking Canes Ain't Just for the Infirm

WIP photo of my current commission showcasing my sexy walking cane. I stole this Technique Tuesday tip a couple years ago from master painter Richard Schmid who famously uses his walking cane as a mahl stick (to steady your hand in painting). I have even taken it with me to workshops and have had people laugh at me and say "I was looking for the old lady when I saw that". To which I have answered while shaking my cane in their face, "He who paints like Richard Schmid can cast the first stone!". Then I smash them over the head with it. See, it serves a dual purpose.

I also have another Mahl stick I use when traveling or copying at the National Gallery of Art. It is affordable, collapsible and very sturdy (made out of aluminum). Although don't drop the threaded end on a hard concrete floor as I did, or you may have a problem putting it back together again. You can purchase it at most art supply stores. Here is a link to one.