Technique Tuesday: Podcasts

One of the best weapons in my arsenal to fend off insanity while working on lengthy commissions is to listen to podcasts. Let's admit it now, those details in a painting that are so pretty to look at are sometimes a pain to paint. Podcasts can help you get through it. Here's a list of links to my current favs. Check them out, you may find one or two that are new to you. You can find most of them on iTunes or by going directly to their site and subscribing to them. Lastly, I should mention that I only pick podcasts that are around an hour long. I don't want to waste my time hitting play often.

1. National Gallery of Art Lectures on art history, artists and exhibits at the National Gallery of Art.

2. NPR: TED Radio Hour The inspiring Ted Talks but curated around a theme which lasts one hour.

3. WAMU-FM: WAMU: The Diane Rehm Show Topical interviews on politics and culture.

4. NPR Programs Fresh Air More topical interviews on politics and culture.

5. Impasto Logs with David Cheifetz Painter David Cheifetz shares his take on the practice of painting.

6. Sidebar Nation Highly entertaining interviews and discussions about everything in the comic & animation worlds. Past interviews have included James Gurney and William Wray.

7. Artists Helping Artists Discussions surrounding art marketing, boosting your sales and on-line presence.

8. Art Share Fantasy world artists/Illustrators and writers share the tales of Cons and the industry in general. Humorous panel of hosts.

9. Hush- Topeka and Shawnee Co Libraries A great podcast showcasing writers and genres of literature introduced by entertaining librarians.

10. Artist Mentors On-line A good pod cast on painting that has some heavy hitters for interviews including Jeffrey Watts, CW Mundy, Tony Pro and Rose Frantzen. However the hosts remind me a little (OK, a lot) of this cult classic SNL sketch.

Do you have a favorite podcast you'd like to share? Please leave the link as a comment. Thanks!