Mastering Work Flow: Black Boards

WorkFlowBlackBoard.jpeg Here's a little peak inside my studio.  I am currently working hard at getting a body of work together for the Western Loudoun Artists Studio Tour (WLAST) which is scheduled for June 21 & 22. At the same time I have a double portrait commission half way done. I need to work on all my projects at the same time and I need an easy, daily reminder of where I am in each of those projects. I grabbed this low tech Mastering Work Flow technique from my bestie, Dana Aldis a couple of years ago and I find it really helpful to keep one on task while avoiding pulling out all of your hair.

At a glance I can see what the project is and whether or not it is complete (check mark = done, "o"= open). I could take this one step further and diagram out how long I think I have left on each project and then schedule my day accordingly. And I might just do that as I get closer to my deadlines.

Or I could just simply ignore the white elephant in the room...