My 2015 Word Themes

new-years-resolutionsOn this last day of January I want to share with you a strategy that my friend the talented floral still life painter, Elizabeth Floyd, shared with me. It is the exercise of adopting "Word Themes" to direct your efforts during the New Year. Word Themes are motivating and inspiring, but do not bog you down with the minutiae of specific goals--great for those who don't have that all figured out yet. It is a mantra you keep running in your head as you plan your daily life. Check out Liz's blog post for her 2015 Word Themes here. My words for 2015 are "More", "Limits", and "Rebirth". Now at first glance the first two seem contradictory but in my mind they actually go hand in hand. "More" stands for completing more work and being more prolific. But as someone who tends to put my blinders on and work unceasingly through my commissions, I realize that I need to set "limits" to my day in order to be more healthy and balanced. For instance, instead of squeezing every minute of studio time during the period that my son is in school, I will instead work one hour less so I can ensure I get my daily exercise and have time to take care of my home (believe me, it needs it). It also means that I will begin working on several projects at the same time so that I can create my own body of work outside of my portrait commissions which will enable me to participate in gallery shows once again. And lastly but most importantly is "rebirth". There are deep creative influences beginning to surface in my work right now and I am filled with excitement of where they will take me. I hope my words help you to come up with your own and if you do embrace them, drop me a line here and let me know what they are.

Bring it, 2015! We are ready.