Closing Day of "Bloom" Exhibit


I currently have 15 paintings displayed at Tryst Gallery in Leesburg for my 2019 solo show “Bloom”. This exhibit of oil paintings is coming to an end after tomorrow, May 30th. The overarching theme that unites the show are floral and natural motifs. They are also united in palette with predominantly soft pastels & gem colors. Several of these paintings will be going home with collectors for which I am extremely grateful. But there is still time to snag one to grace your own walls! The gallery is open this Thursday from 10 - 4 pm. I hope you will come out and see it if you are in the greater Washington DC area.

I had the honor of being interviewed for the exhibit by Tryst Gallery owner, Jim Sisley. If his last name rings a bell to you there is good reason. Jim is a descendant of the famed Impressionist, Alfred Sisley.. He casually mentioned that to me prior to our interview when we were discussing my art influences. Needless to say I was a little starstruck after that.