Jonathan Linton's "Art Group"

The life of a professional artist is often an eremitic existence. We toil away by ourselves in our studios without human contact (except for the frequent face book checking--ok, maybe that part is just me) and often regret that we don't have another set of eyes to look upon the evolution of our paintings. Jonathan Linton, award winning portrait painter, children's book illustrator and co-founder of the Horizons Art School in Ashburn, VA has a brilliant solution to that problem and calls it--the "Art group". Jonathan is opening up his studio space at the Horizons Art School for a select group of artists to get together every Tuesday to paint, discuss art, share technical expertise and critique each other's work for a nominal weekly fee. I am beyond thrilled to have been asked to join the group and look forward to working more closely with Jonathan, an artist I truly admire.

Below is a candid snap shot taken just this morning from our first painting session together. All of us had a blast working on our individual projects and talking "shop". Personally, I think Jonathan looks rather fetching in his bow tie, don't you?

Interested in joining? Jonathan has a few slots available. Check out the Horizons Art School web site for more details and contact information.  One word of caution--since I am one of the first members of the group I have elected myself responsible for the hazing of new recruits.  I hope you like painting in togas. Muahahahahaha.

And for a look at Jonathan Linton's work please click below.