Who's the Man? Jeremy Mann!

Last Friday I attended the opening of Jeremy Mann's "The Realness" show at the Principle Gallery in Old Town Alexandria mostly due to his hype as American Artist Magazine's, "25 Artists of Tomorrow". And you know what I found out? He more than lives up to it!

Mann is what I would call a "painter's painter". His paintings completely seduce you with his play on textures, predominantly tertiary color harmony and lost & found edges, all while maintaining a strong level of realism. He is known for working with non traditional tools such a squeegees and brayers (that last one I wrestled out of him) as well as his brushes.  Mann admitted to me that he likes to use which ever tool will achieve the most ambiguous mark as in "how the hell did he do that?" Personally I find his work extremely inspiring because getting more "painterly" with my technique is exactly what I am gunning for now. You can be sure I have already placed a couple of brayers in my Amazon shopping cart.  I am sure Mann would be thrilled to know this.

I managed to take several detail photos of his paintings to share his brilliance with you (click on the photos to enlarge them). What I did not manage to do was write down any of the titles. Luckily the Principle Gallery's website provides all those great little details!  Want to see more of The Realness show than what I am showing you here? Then check out their link at  http://www.principlegallery.com/artistView.new.pl?artist=155

"After the Storm". 48" x 48". Oil on Panel. Artist, Jeremy Mann.

"Still Moments in Teal". 21" x 21". Oil on Panel. Artist, Jeremy Mann.

And to see more of Mann's amazing work visit his website @ http://www.redrabbit7.com/